About Welikande Villas

Welikande Villas was originally a children’s home for girls it consists of  8 acres of land with 4 main houses We brought it in 2012 with the idea of having a holiday home away from the cold winters of Denmark where we live. Jeyakumar and his wife Shamarla where employed to look after the grounds and us when we visited.

Quite quickly more and more friends started to want to stay and eventually we decided to change the format by making 4 luxury apartments and renting out to cover some of the costs.

Shamala turned out to be a very gifted and able cook and Jeyakumar a good manager, so here we are… enjoy our home from home.

Home from Home at Welikande.
The concept right from the start was what we wanted when we travelled.
Clean and safe.
Good food grown by us or locally
Natural surroundings.
Not too hot we rarely get above 28 degrees with a cooling breeze 18 degrees at night.
Away from the crowds.
A sense of belonging in the local community.
Being looked after.
Not having to pay for every slightest thing we gladly give free tea, coffee and bottled water.
A local guide.
Fantastic views
Flora and fauna
A base for trips throughout the Island