Themed Tours Of Sri Lanka

Great themed tours of Sri Lanka

We would like to share our experience of Sri Lanka. Many of our guests have asked us to help them organise their trip to Sri Lanka from day trips to a planned itinery including overnighting, transport and local guides so they can utilize there precious holiday days. Obviously each person or family has there own unique requirements and expectations, which can only be met by a personal conversation with Michael the owner 0045 6570774.

We have listed below 3 of the main catergories.

Cultural Holidays

Sri Lanka has a very old and rich civilisation, Welikande is in the Knuckles Mountains which was the stronghold of the Kings of Sri Lanka before the British overthrew them in the 18 th centuary.
Kandy is a UNESCO World Heritage Site is thought to be founded in the 14 th centuary by Sena Sammatha Wickramabahu the first king.Kandy is home to the Tooth Temple one of the Buddist holiest temples.
There has been many Invasions of Sri Lanka, but there is still The Vedda tribe living as they have done for centuary’s ,who are thought to be decendants of the original indigenous people.
Sri Lanka’s Cultural triangle is situated in the centre of the island aswell and covers an area which includes the World Heritage cultural sites of the Sacred City of Anuradhapura, the Ancient City of Polonnaruwa, the Ancient City of Sigiriya, the Ancient City of Dambulla.
Then there is the more recent colonisation of the Island with its tea plantations and Architecture.

Activity Holidays

There is so much to do and take part in….
Trekking through the Knuckles range mountains up to 5000 ft
Overnighting in eco villages experiencing the waterfalls and unspoilt nature.
Whale and Dolphin watching in the East, south and west of Sri Lanka
Fishing in the lakes rivers and seas.
Mountain biking, Cookery courses and Elephant Safari.
The endless beaches of Sri Lanka.
Snorkelling sailing and swimming.
Spice gardens and Birdwatching.
Tea plantations, Scenic train journey’s and Botanical Gardens
National wildlife park jeep safari to see the elephants and other wildanimals

Wellness and relaxation Holidays

Sri Lanka has a much deeper side:
In the mornings as the sun rises you can hear sounds of religious devotions from the valleys below Welikande Villas – Buddist, Hindu , Muslim and Christian.
Vedgatarian food fresh from our gardens or locally grown.
Cleansing fruit smoothies pick your own tropical fruits in our orchards
Reflective walks, Peace and quiet.
Service and pampering from our staff
We can arrange:
Massage and Yoga classes
Auravedic medicine consultations
Visits to the local temples and larger historic temples.
VisitS to see and be shown the benificial uses of the multitude of spices in Sri Lanka.
Talks with Christian Priests, Buddist Monks and Hindu Priests.