There are many ways of getting around Sri Lanka


This Sanjeewa Asanka our carefully chosen driver he is fully insured and is registered with the Sri Lankan Tourist Board. Sanjeewa speaks perfect English and is a great tour guide as he knows so much about Sri Lanka especially those off the map places. We allways use Sanjeewa as he holds to his prices is punctual. The roads can be a nightmare in Sri Lanka so you need a careful driver. Sanjeewa charges for example collected pick up at the airport Colombo 12,000 rupees or $75, its a 100km journey. Just ask and we will get you a fixed price for any Journey.


The local bus is a great way of meeting the local Sri Lankans there is a bus stop at the end of our drive. It is so inexpensive and people will allways help you to the right bus. Kandy is easy to get to by bus.


Tut Tut’s are fun and a cheap way of getting around. Sri Lanka would not be the same without them.

We use them for our Tut Tut trekking up and around the local tea plantations and other local tours. We have chosen 4 drivers that we know well and are reliable.


The sea plane connection from Colombo airport is the quickest way of getting to Welikande Villas we will pick you up from the reservoir at the bottom of the hill. Its a great way to get an overview of the Island and a fantastic way of arriving.