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Welikande Villas & Hotel sits overlooking the Knuckles Forest Reserve. We are located within the Knuckles Mountain Range in the center of Sri Lanka, near Kandy. Our trekking center is surrounded by beautiful green mountains - the ideal place to reconnect to yourself and nature.

Simply relax and enjoy exploring the stunning nature surrounding us by joining our many guided hikes including, waterfall trekking, High Knuckles, Unesco (SSSI) Listed Hiloya Valley, visit nearby Buddhist Temples, tea plantations, onsite yoga classes, silent meditation walks, and much more. 


Nourish your body with our locally grown food and taste what Sri Lankan cuisine has to offer. The land around us gifts us with everything we could ever want - spices, coconuts, avocados, papayas, and much, much more! 



Michael and Tush met in 2016 when Tush was a tourist guide and Michael needed a guide to set up adventure tours. Michael fell in love inside 30 seconds and while it took 6 months for Tush to except that maybe there was something there, they have been in love ever since.

Michael bought Welikande 10 years ago on a whim not really having a clue what to do with it.  He originally wanted to buy a little summer house but ended up with his own kingdom of 12 acres of land and 6 houses on a mountain. 

Their mission is to create a home away from home for the many, particularly young people, who join us here, so they can relax feel safe, and loved for a few precious days, and many stay longer than planned. 

We started offering guided trekking in 2014, with authorized guides. With most of our guests taking part in the trekking. 

Though many people come here simply to relax by joining our yoga classes or by laying in the hammocks overlooking the Victoria Dam. 

We directly support 10 local families from the hotel and have many other families reliant on our hotel from shops to trekking guides. 

Continue reading Michael and Tush's story here, we promise its good. 

One thing is certain when you visit Welikande, you will always be welcomed here with open arms and treated like family. 

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